Avrasya Dünyası / Eurasian World - Sayı / Issue: 5

Avrasya Dünyası / Eurasian World

Number : 5
Year : 2019
Price : 13.00 TL

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Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

Time flies. The day that the first issue of the “Eurasian World” feels just like yesterday. Nevertheless, with this issue, the second year of the publication of Eurasian World has been completed. We, as the Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM), are glad to share our joy with you.

Six months have passed since the publication of the previous issue of the “Eurasian World”. Since then, significant developments have taken place in our region, which has been turning into a truly important and interesting geography. As always, we, as the publisher of the “Eurasian World”, have followed the regional developments closely. Some of these merited an even closer look.

In this issue, we gave a try to a new practice. As could be recalled, previously we used to focus on a certain development in the Eurasian sphere and published articles that assessed this certain development from different angles in one cluster. While preparing this issue, we came to the idea that it might be more purpose-oriented to focus on certain regions of the Eurasian land mass and consequently region-based instead of issue-based grouping of the articles could help readers to reach newer perspectives. We picked up the Balkans as the first region in Eurasia to focus on. Accordingly, in this issue, we present a cluster composed of four articles on this region to your attention. If this trial will gain public acceptance, we will continue this new practice in the following issues by focusing on different regions of our interest such as Caucasus, Central Asia, Black Sea Basin, and Eastern Europe.

Being receptive to your views and contributions as always, we present the fifth issue of the “Eurasian World” and benefiting from the occasion renew our thanks to our readers.

Yiğit Alpogan



“Turkey’s “Asia Anew” Policy,” Mehmet Oğuzhan Tulun

“Türkiye’nin Yeni Stratejik Cephesi: Doğu Akdeniz ve Kıbrıs Mücadelesinde Yol Haritası,” Umur Tugay Yücel

“Türkiye-Rusya Doğalgaz İlişkisinin Diplomasi Boyutu,” Sabir Askeroğlu

“Rusya ve Balkanlar,” F. Didem Ekinci

“Challenges of Cooperation between China and Western Balkans,” Stefan Vladisavljev

“Prespa Anlaşması’na Yunanistan Açısından Bakmak,” Ali Hüseyinoğlu

“Are the EU’s Divisive Policies in the Balkans in a Cul-De-Sac,” Teoman Ertuğrul Tulun

“Ukrayna’da 2019 Cumhurbaşkanlığı ve Parlamento Seçimleri,” Turgut Kerem Tuncel

“Space Security Tensions in Eurasia and Turkey’s Regional Response,” Aurelie Trur

“21. Yüzyıl’da İnsanlık Dramı: ‘Toplama Kampları’ ve Doğu Türkistan Sorunu,” Erkin Emet


Mehmet Oğuzhan Tulun (Analyst, Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM))

Umur Tugay Yücel (Siyaset Bilimcisi; Yazar, Diplomatik Gözlem Dergisi, Ankara)

Sabir Askeroğlu (Dış Politika Koordinatörü, İran Araştırmaları Merkezi (İRAM))

 F. Didem Ekinci (Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü, Çankaya Üniversitesi)

Stefan Vladisavljev (Program Assistant, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence)

Ali Hüseyinoğlu (Trakya Üniversitesi Balkan Araştırma Enstitüsü, Edirne)

Teoman Ertuğrul Tulun (Analyst, Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM))

Turgut Kerem Tuncel (Kıdemli Analist, Avrasya İncelemeleri Merkezi (AVİM))

Aurelie Trur (PhD Candidate, Space Policy and International Cooperation, GRIPS Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo, Japan)

Erkin Emet (Dil ve Tarih-Coğrafya Fakültesi, Ankara Üniversitesi)