Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 5

Review Of Armenian Studies

Number : 5
Year : 2003
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Editor's Note

The Institute of Armenian Research introduces the first issue of the second volume of Review of Armenian Studies in this issue. The articles, reviews, documents and notes referring to all kinds of gatherings the members of the Institute for Armenian Research attended are presented in the Index part of this issue. It aims to document a year’s work and serve as a source of bibliography in the field.

Facts and Comments by the Ambassodor (Rtd.) Ömer E. LÜTEM opens this first issue of Volume II as usual. Opening of the border between Armenia, the claims of both parties on this debate are analysed by Lütem, and possibilities are reviewed. He also interpretes the recent decision in the Swiss parliament recognizing the so-called Armenian Genocide.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN focuses on the Soviet-Armenian collaboration against Turkey during the Cold War. He reviews the conditions of the Cold War, and commments on the reasons of Soviet Union to provoke the Armenians.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet EYİCİL’s article also refers to the historical aspects of the Armenian Problem. Eyicil looks at the events of the First World War, and mentions the activities of Bozo Gang in Mara?.

The other two articles are about the Armenians living in Turkey. The first one is by Dr. M. Vedat GÜRBÜZ. He discusses the status and problems of the Turkish Armenians. Res. Assist. Umut KOLDAŞ also focuses on the Turkish Armenians, but more specifically on the 1965 Events.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yücel ACER reviews the book called ‘Prosecuting War Crimes and Genocide, the Twentieth-Century Experience’ by Howard BALL, and criticizes the stance of the writer.

The books recently published about Armenians and Armenia and a book review on the memories of Sadettin Paşa, who is the director of the famous Inspection Committe investigating the mistreatment of Armenian community, by Hasret DİKİCİ. This issue also includes the Index of the works of all four volumes.



Editorial Note : p. 5


Ömer E. LÜTEM - "Facts and Comments: p. 7

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN - "Soviet-Armenian Collaboration against Turkey in the post-Second World War Period", (1945-1947)" : p. 20

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet EYİCİL -"Armenian Atrocities and Activities of the Bozo Bands in Maras during the Great War" : p. 37

Dr. M. Vedat GÜRBÜZ - "Turkish Armenians, Their Status and Problems" p. 53

Res. Assist. Umut KOLDAŞ - "Springs of Hatred, Springs of tfope: 1965 Events, Diaspora Politics and Turkish Armenians" : p. 75


Assist. Prof. Dr. Yücel ACER - "Who is Justified to Talk about the So Called 'Armenian Genocide'" : p.101



INDEX : p. 114



Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı BİLGİN

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet EYİCİL

Dr. M. Vedat GÜRBÜZ

Res. Assist. Umut KOLDAŞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yücel ACER