Author : Pulat Y. TACAR
Editor : Hazel ÇAĞAN ELBİR
Forward : Alev KILIÇ
Year : 2024
Language : Turkish
ISBN : 978-625-94066-3-3
Price : 0.00 TL

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The tragic events of the First World War, the ebb and flow of the calamities of war in the Eastern Anatolia front, including the relocation and resettlement of some of the Armenian population in specific areas has become a topic construed out of context and abused for political ends to hammer Türkiye and the Turkish people. Retired Ambassador Pulat Y. Tacar has studied this subject extensively from a legal-judicial point of view and has published numerous articles on the subject.

This book, titled “The Truth Will Out,” is a comprehensive compilation of his previously published articles to shed light on one of Türkiye’s foreign policy challenges.

Ambassador Pulat Y. Tacar, a highly seasoned diplomat with a legal background, an emeritus in his career, having countered Armenian allegations and historically distorted narrative against Türkiye and the Turks even at third party inquiries and high-level international platforms, has opted to deal with the allegations from its most vulnerable façade, that of legal, judicial basis.

AVİM has a number of publications on the historical, political, religious aspects of the events of the time. The 44th book published by AVİM and Terazi Publishing, “The Truth Will Out,” is a legalistic reference source that is bound to sustain its validity. As AVİM, we are proud to present this valuable work to readers interested in the subject.