Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 2

Review Of Armenian Studies

Sayı : 2
Yıl : 2003
Fiyat : 9.00 TL

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INSTITUTE FOR ARMENIAN RESEARCH publishes hereby the second issue of the quarterly Review of Armenian Studies after having decided to split up the former bilingual Ermeni Araştırmaları/ Armenian Studies into two separate journals, namely in the Turkish quarterly Ermeni Araştırmaları and this English quarterly.

The first article of this second issue is an evaluation of the la test upcomings of the last three months by retired ambassador Ömer LÜTEM, who is an expert in the Armenian issue. His article Pacts and Comments reviews the latest meetings, documents, news and opinions on the Turkish — Armenian agenda.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamer KASIM comments in his article titled ‘Russian — Armenian Relations: A Strategic Partnership or Hegemonic Domination?’ on this special relationship by evaluating the regional implications too. The eras of the two presidents, Ter-Petrosian and Kocharian, will be compared in the light of their regional policies.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sedat LAÇ?NER’s article is entitled as ‘Identity, Art and Propaganda. The Armenian Film Industry As a Case Study’. The author approaches the topic from the point of view of international politics. he argues that art turned to a mean of international politics, that is easy to abuse. The psychology of art in international politics is presented in connection with the subjects of identity and propaganda.

The researcher Aydan ?Y?GÜNGÖR in her article EU’s Assistance Programme to Armenia: A Political Economy Critique draws a general picture of the financial EU aid to Armenia. She further describes the political outcome of this and also the interrelation with the EU’s relations with Turkey.

Hasret D?K?C? in her article named ‘Armenia After Independence from the Perspective of Migration’ tries to describe the migration habits of Armenians. By doing so she especially focuses on the economical background that leads to the emigration of Armenians from Armenia and its impact on the economy of Armenia.

A broad review article has been written by Assist. Prof. Dr. ?brahim KAYA on the Encyclopedia of Genocide. His review article named ‘The Encyclopedia of Genocide: A Critical Analysis’ tries to show the difficulties of terminology of genocide studies. Further the author points that the Encyclopedia has not properly treated the Armenian issue.

As usual the CONFERENCES section contains conference reports related to Armenian studies, that members of the INSTITUTE FOR ARMENIAN RESEARCH participated at in the Fast three months. The BOOK REVIEWS section presents a book on Ar¬menian terrorism in this issue and further the RECENT BOOKS section contains a Fist of the recently published books on the Armenian issue.

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Kamer KASIM

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sedat LAÇİNER



Assist. Prof. İbrahim KAYA