Review Of Armenian Studies - Sayı / Issue: 7-8

Review Of Armenian Studies

Sayı : 7-8
Yıl : 2005
Fiyat : 9.00 TL

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It is indeed a pleasure for us to publish another issue of the “Review of Armenian Studies”.

It has become a tradition that the first article of each issue is “Facts and Comments”.  This article covers a period of about a year and relates the developments in Turkey concerning the Armenian question, Turkey-Armenia relations and Armenian genocide allegations.

Renowned American historian Prof. Justin McCarthy has authorized us to publish the text of the lecture he gave in Ankara on March 24, 2005 under the title “Armenian Uprisings and The Ottomans”. We are very grateful to him.

Assistant Prof Dr. Birsen Karaca, in her article “The Armenian Image Created in the Armenian Mass Media”, explains how Armenian extremists try to create an unfavorable image of Turkey and Turks by using the mass media.

Recent developments concerning the Armenian question caused publication of many books on this subject in Turkey. This issue contains three book reviews. The books in question are: The Deaths from Epidemic Disease in 1914-1918 by Prof. Hikmet Özdemir, Armenian incidents In French Diplomatic Documents 1914-1918 edited by Hasan Dilan and Armenian Activities in the Archive Documents, 1914-1918 published by the Turkish General Staff. The names of many other works concerning Armenians and the Armenian question can be found in the section titled Recent Books.

In order to facilitate researches into the Armenian question the Review of Armenian Studies is beginning with this issue to publish in full text a series of important relevant documents either in original form or translated into English.

With best regards,
The Publisher


Editorial Note : p 4


Ömer E. LÜTEM - "Facts and Comments" : p. 5

Prof. Dr. Justin MCCARTHY - "The Armenian Uprising and The Ottomans" :  p. 50

Assist. Prof. Dr. Birsen KARACA - "The Armenian Image Created in The Armenian Mass Media" : p. 74


Assistant Prof Dr. Kamer KASIM - "Salgın Hastalıklardan Olümler 1914-1918 (The Death from Epidemic Disease in 1914-1918) by Prof Dr Hikmet Ozdemir" : p. 89

Musa GÜRBÜZ - "Fransız Diplomatik Belgelerinde Ermeni Olayları 1914-1918 (Armenian Incidents in French Diplomatic Documents 1914-1918)" : p. 96

Oya EREN - "Arşiv Belgeleriyle Ermeni Faaliyetleri 1914-1918 (Armenian Activities in the Archive Documents 1914-1918) Turkish General Staff" : p. 100



Document 1: "The Speech delivered by Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah GUI at the Com­memoration Ceremony For The Martyrs Of The Foreign Ministry, Other Public Services And Their Family Members, 18 March, 2005" : p.105

Document 2: "Declaration of "The Group Of Retired Ambassadors", 25 March, 2005" : p. 108

Document 3: "The Speech Delivered By Foreign Minister Deputy Prime Minister, Abdullah Giil At The Turk­ish Grand Assembly During The General Debate on the Armenian Claims, 13 April, 2005" : p. 111

Document 4: "Declaration by the Turkish Grand Assembly, 13 April, 2005" : p. 124

Document 5: "Letter by the Turkish Parliamentarians to the House of Commons and House of Lords, 13 April, 2005" : p. 126

Document 6: "Letter of Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan to Robert Kocharian, President of the Republic of Armenia, 13 April, 2005" : p.133

Document 7: "Letter of Robert Kocharian, President of the Republic of Armenia, to Recep Temip Erdokan, Prime Minister of Turkey, 25 April, 2005" : p.134




Prof. Justin MCCARTHY

Assistant Prof Dr. Birsen KARACA

Assistant Prof Dr. Kamer KASIM