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This is the second issue of the Eurasian World that we are covering the Russia-Ukraine war, still continuing, alas, with an increasing intensity. As the war passes its eight-month mark, the shock and inconceivability of what is happening still haunt minds. The bloodbath, humanitarian tragedy, and the adverse consequences of the war on the global scale - first and foremost, the food and the energy crises - are some of the unfortunate byproducts of the war. There is yet one other reason why this war threatens the future of the humanity. This is the plausibility of a nuclear war. Materialization of this possibility will be a catastrophe not only for the European peoples, but the human civilization as a whole.

We are distressed by the setback in silencing of the guns in Europe and the failure in reaching a peaceful solution. Yet, we still like to express our hope that wisdom and prudence will prevail eventually.

These thoughts led us to reserve a large part of this issue to the developments related to the Russia-Ukraine war and their implications. Hence, the first five articles that discuss various issues related to the war are presented to the attention of our readers.

It is our ardent hope that peace and serenity will be established in Europe and the world until we meet again with our next issue.

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