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Opening Remarks

  • Amb. Ahmet Yağmur Güldere (Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Ukraine)
  • Amb. Vasyl Bodnar (Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Turkey)
  • Amb. (R) Alev Kılıç (Center for Eurasian Studies-AVİM Director)
  • Vadym Denysenko  (Ukrainian Institute for the Future Director)



  • Dr. Ayça Ergun (Assoc. Prof., Middle East Technical University Department of Sociology & Center For Black Sea and Central Asia)
  • Iliya Kusa (International Relations Analyst, Ukrainian Institute for the Future)
  • Andrian Prokip (Energy and Energy Security Analyst, Ukrainian Institute for the Future)
  • Dr. Turgut Kerem Tuncel (Analyst, Center for Eurasian Studies-AVİM)



Oleksiy Kaftan (Journalist, International News Section Editor and Columnist at Delovaya Stolitsa (Деловая Столица) and Vlast’ Deneg (Власть Денег).


Our times witness rapid and substantial changes in the global geopolitics. These changes result in dramatic alterations in political, economic, and strategic balances in the world and the different regions of the world as parts of the big global puzzle. The Black Sea region is no exception.

At the panel discussion jointly organized by the Ankara-based Center for Eurasian Studies (AVİM) and the Kyiv-based Ukrainian Institute for the Future (UIF), the Black Sea region will be put under focus. Following the opening remarks of the Turkish and Ukrainian ambassadors in Kyiv and Ankara, and the directors of AVİM and UIF, specialists from Turkey and Ukraine will discuss the current developments in the Black Sea region in conjunction with the geopolitical architecture in Eurasia and exchange their views on the prospects of regional cooperation and the possibilities of institutionalization of intra-regional partnerships.

We will be looking forward to your participation in the panel discussion to be held on November 25th 2021, Thursday 15:00-17:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours  Kyiv time) & 16:00-18:00 (UTC/GMT +3 hours Ankara time) on the Zoom platform.

Kindly note that pre-registration is mandatory and that participation in the event is limited to the first 100 registrants. After the discussion of the topic between the speakers, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in the Q&A session.


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Please find the flyer of the panel discussion in the attachment.

The panel discussion will be in English. There will be no translation service.


Venue: Zoom Meeting

Date: November 25th 2021

Time: 15:00-17:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours Kyiv time) & 16:00-18:00 (UTC/GMT +3 hours Ankara time)

Telephone: +90 312 438 50 23-24 / +380 675 817 165

Email: /