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Date of Publication: 15 October 2018

Author: Leonid Savin


Concept of Eurasia has different meanings – from geographical description until political interpretations based on historical background and needs of realpolitik. In this article, we propose to reevaluate this region from position of frame theory and complex system theory. “A frame in communication can be defined only in relation to a specific issue, event, or political actor. For example, the frames for social security reform differ from the frames for immigration reform. Even the same issue at different times may invoke alternative frames… Strong frames are those that emerge from public discussion as the best rationales for contending positions on the issue. These frames strike opinion leaders and audiences as being more compelling than alternative arguments. The typical political strategy is to connect a proposal to a positive idea or value that is widely available in the population.”1 This approach is valid for Eurasia and powers that claim to be implicit Eurasian ones and develop own Eurasianist ideologies. 

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