Commentary No : 2012 / 48
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The publisher of California Courier Mr. H. Sassounian, an American citizen of the diaspora, who spoke at the 6th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists which started in Yerevan on October 4, has made the criticism that the document which they prepared on the issue of Armenia-Turkey relations could have been prepared better and has argued that the time has come for the diaspora and Armenia to make new and tangible claims from Turkey. Claiming that “Armenian genocide” allegations have already created widespread repercussions and found supporters, Sassounian has argued that from now on, rather than trying to force Turkey to accept this allegation, they should concentrate more on claims for compensation from the powerful neighbor for the harm perpetrated. This assessment and delineation of policy by one of the influential figures of the Armenian lobby in the US could connote that the push for the recognition of the Armenian allegations have reached its limits, but also could shed light on defining the direction of the Armenian allegations in the upcoming period; in other words, the real, financial target of the political-moral campaign conducted to this day. The issue which should be closely scrutinized from now on is the context and scope of Armenian claims for compensation. The process of bargaining which the Armenian diaspora, whose commercial-business identity has been noted throughout history, attempts to start with the help of political support is bound to be interesting.

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