Commentary No : 2010 / 16
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The entire article of Ret. Ambassador Ömer Engin Lütem’s “Facts and Comments” (53 pages) has been dedicated to the Turkey-Armenia Protocols. In her article entitled “The Psychological Dimension of the Armenian Question”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Deniz Altınbaş has examined a very important issue in order to understand the attitude of the Diaspora Armenians. In the article entitled “A Problem in Turkey-US Relations in the 1980’s: Armenian Draft Resolutions”, Dr. Sibel Kavuncu has focused on the Armenian resolutions which has been considered as a sensitive matter in Turkey-US relations. Pulat Tacar’s “Notes on ‘Dialogue sur le tabou Armenian’” is a book review on Dialogue sur le Tabou Armenian written by Ahmet İnsel and Michel Marian, and published in France. Halit Gülşen’s “Recent Developments Regarding the Karabakh Question” emphasizes on the developments of the last four years about the problem of Karabakh which has been continuing for 15 years. Moreover, two recent documents “statement of president Barack Obama on Armenian remembrance day” and “the decision of the constitutional court of the Republic of Armenia” exist in the journal. 9 TL INCLUDING SHIPPING ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, INCLUDING SHIPPING, IS 15 TL ADDRESS: Süleyman Nazif Sok. No:12/B D:2 06550 Çankaya/ANKARA Bank Account: Terazi Yayıncılık, Garanti Bankası-Çankaya/Ankara Şb. 181/6296007 Postal Check Account: Terazi Yayıncılık, Ankara/Çankaya/Merkez 5859221 IBAN NO: TR960006200018100006296007 Tel: 0 312 438 50 23-24 Fax: 0 312 438 50 26 E-mail:

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