Commentary No : 2013 / 16
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Armenia is an eastern neighbor of Turkey with whom Turkey is still to establish normal relations. Recently, the Prime Minister of Armenia has made statements on the prospects of this state of affairs. The Prime Minister is on record of having said the following: “Armenia has always had a constructive position in the negotiation process, which consists of searching for a mutually acceptable solution through negotiations. Unfortunately, our neighbors are not ready for it.” “As for Turkey, the situation is as follows: Armenia started talks with Turkey on the establishment of diplomatic relations and opening of the border without preconditions. The negotiations culminated in the signing of two protocols, which were to be ratified by the parliaments of the two countries. Armenia declared its willingness to do so, while Turkey froze the process. Therefore, the ball is now in Turkey’s court. It’s hard to say whether the issue will move from a dead point in the near future or not. Here one can feel the strong influence of Azerbaijan, which demands from Turkey to conduct a policy targeted at isolating Armenia”. It is certainly welcome to hear that Armenia has a constructive position and that Armenia is willing to search for a mutually acceptable solution through negotiations. Of course there is a caveat. However promising the words are, they need to be supported by deeds to have any impact or credibility. Here are the deeds perceived from the turkish side: -Armenia continues to display a hostile attitude towards Turkey without any provocation from the turkish side and despite its neutral stance. In this context, Armenia also encourages the outrageous campaign of the diaspora against Turkey. -Armenia continues to imply territorial designs and other retributory measures from Turkey. -Armenia appears to prefer to play a wedge in the caucuses rather than to promote harmony, cooperation and stability in the region. Armenia bears a major responsibility to redress these perceptions and as such, still has the ball in its own court.

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