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Some time ago, AVİM has elaborated the developments that led to the Brexit process and touched upon the extent of British politicians’ regret concerning that decision. Furthermore, AVİM mentioned that, Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and the mastermind behind the Brexit idea, made clear his position that he was close to another referendum idea.[1] We also raised the issue of the reluctance of the United Kingdom about leaving the European Union (EU) and nowadays the UK mentions Russian threat in Europe as a justification to its change of heart on the issue. While UK Prime Minister Theresa May still expresses that she is not willing to support another referendum for Brexit, she made it clear at the 54th International Munich Security Conference, that Britain would not leave Europe and that UK would not desist from the protection of Europe under any circumstances.[2]

Theresa May stated that threats of virtual warfare, terrorism and organized crime are Europe's problems, and close cooperation between the European Union and the UK as well as joint intelligence work should continue. May told also that the security cooperation should in no way be hampered by the differences between the EU and Britain arising from Brexit.

Theresa May has also cited numeric data to underline the UK's significance for the EU. She recalled that Britain was the second-largest defence spender in NATO and spends 2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense annually. She also noted that 0.7 percent of the UK’s GDP is allocated to development aid.[3] Theresa May, also mentioned “the United Kingdom and United States Agreement” of 1946 (UKASA), known as the "Five Eyes" to which the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are parties. May said that this agreement could be a useful mechanism providing intelligence to the EU.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also argues that it is not right to try to mix the security issues and the UK's exit from the EU.

British Prime Minister Theresa May advocates full reciprocity between politics and security. In other words, she stressed that Britain could not be "penalized" with Brexit because the UK is responsible for Europe’s security and that security is important for both the UK and the EU. She indicated that Europe's need for the UK is absolute in this context. It is not possible to say that the UK is alone in her troubles with the EU as a result of Brexit. In fact, Polish Prime Minister said in his recent interview that "Europe has run out of gas"[4] reflecting his disappointment as well as his worries in the field of security issue. In this context, Turkey, persistently subject to exclusion from the EU, has her own experience which clearly manifest EU's double standards.


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